I will write a review for every book I read in 2020

I dread making posts like this. Especially when they’re frequent. But I took a really long break in 2019 and I’m just now coming back in 2020. I stopped abruptly with my posting, even though I was continuing to read. I read a total of 18 books in 2019. Six short of my 2019 goal, but I’m happy with my 2019 outcome even if I didn’t read the amount of books I expected to read.

This year, I set my goal to 20 books. Most likely it will be more non-fiction because of my career. I want to read more technical books, but fiction will definitely make its way into my TBR every now and then. Don’t expect many young adult books from me. I’m keeping that pile of books small, unless the book sounds absolutely amazing.

I want to read more books that I found on my own or that stick out to me because it’s related to my interests. I feel like reading this way is a lot more fun than just reading something because someone I admire or enjoy their content says so.

Lastly, I will write a review for each book. Not just on Goodreads, but here on this blog. Even if I have to come here every so often and jot down some scrap notes. I want to see this blog expand with content. And a new design! When the inspiration hits.

If you’d like to keep up with my socials for daily posts, there are my links:

Instagram: @/remindmetoread

Twitter: @/remindmetoread

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